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18 Jul 2017

How Do GPS Systems Work?


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Posted By Michael B.

They have become the must-have automotive accessory of the 2000s. Helping motorists get to their destinations without the need for a bulky map and even guiding them past traffic snarls with ease, GPS systems are now almost as indispensible as car radios. But just how do these devices work and what makes them so valuable are questions that make those who have not taken the plunge wonder if they are worth the price of admission.

The very most basic function of a GPS system is to be able to pinpoint a persons exact location, and to help direct a motorist to another location that the GPS has marked for them. What many people are not aware of is that a GPS is actually a receiver and not an actual system. What you should know is that GPS systems are in reality a set of around two dozen satellites that were installed by the military into orbit. All of these well placed satellites will orbit around the earth two times each and every day. If you happen to own a GPS receiver, you will be able to have contact with a minimum of four of these satellites -- which means you will have no problems in determining your exact location.

While GPS receivers are able to operate under a wide variety of different circumstances, they are not always completely perfect. For example, a GPS can be very accurate during most all weather situations and no matter what time of the day it happens to be. Unfortunately GPS can be blocked by things like thick forests and other dense obstacles.

The signals that you are able to pick up with your GPS are essentially free; however, it is through the services that motorists are required to pay for that allows you to navigate from place to place. And due to the fantastic backing systems that GPS has, you will be able to benefit from some very helpful extras -- which will help make your travel go even more smoothly. Travel will soon become easier than it has ever been when you get a GPS to help you navigate. A there are a few really great extras that you will get through a paid service.

You will be able to get traffic updates in real time, and many services offer real time traffic updates while you are driving. You will know ahead of time to avoid all kinds of potential traffic issues that may slow down the progress of your travel.

You are going to be able to get traffic updates in real time, so that you can avoid any particular traffic jams that would keep you from getting to your destination in a timely manner. This way you will be able to avoid things like construction and traffic accidents.

To further assist in your travel plans, a good GPS system can assist you with your trip planning. It will help you figure out the distance between each place that you plan on traveling to and how long it is going to take you to get there. Now you really cannot beat that kind of help when you are going through the stress of planning a vacation. Great GPS systems will also give you the ability to locate different landmarks while you are traveling. You will be able to find things like your hotel and other notable places that you plan to visit.

Landmark location " GPS services that provide maps and directions also sometimes offer landmark location in relation to a persons position on the globe. Landmark information can be requested for such things as points of interest, restaurants, hotels and more.

A true GPS receiver enables people to determine exactly where in the world they are at any given time. When a receiver is


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