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13 Jul 2017

How to Figure Out Car Speakers


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Posted By Tabitha S.

When you walk into a store that carries equipment designed to create a great audio experience while you are driving, it is likely to confuse you with all of the options that are available when it comes to speakers. If you would like to rid yourself of this often overwhelming choice of selecting the perfect speakers, then it would be a great idea to learn all that you can about car speakers and which type is going to produce the best sounds in your car.

So before you ever set foot into a store to purchase speakers for yourself, you are going to want to take the time to learn all that you can about the speakers that are available out there. You also need to be well aware of the factors involved with purchasing speakers aside from how much they are going to cost you.

There is a great deal of different car speaker types that are available out there. This can really turn your car into a mobile concert hall if you purchase the right equipment. Many of these options include:

A Coaxial is a speaker that is also commonly called a three-way speaker. This type of speaker involves multiple speakers that have been built into the same frame. The great benefit of this type of speaker is that they are smaller and more affordable than taking the time to purchase separate woofers and tweeters. The downside is that they are not very flexible.

Component speakers are also called separates and will also include a woofer, as well as a tweeter. When you are planning on installing this type of speaker, it will be installed in the kick panel or right in the door. The tweeters in this type of speaker are quite simple to install, as they can be placed either in the dashboard or in the door panel.

Horns are speakers that are very well known for their excellent sound-directing quality and high efficiency. Horns cost more the coaxial and separate designs, however, they do eliminate the need of purchasing tweeters. You should consider getting these speakers professionally installed to ensure that you can get the best quality sound.

Mid base speakers are quite unique, as they can achieve lower frequency than other speakers out there in the market. You might again want to consider professional installation so that you can make certain that the cross over is put in correctly, however, if you decide to put the speakers in yourself they are fairly simple to install.

Aside from the actual types of speakers, there are several other items that you need to consider before you decide to make your final purchase. They include some of the following:

Power " Make sure speakers, especially woofers, have roughly the same power handling ability that the amp driving them has.

Loudness sensitivity is also extremely important when it comes to making the choice to purchase speakers. This is going to help you figure out how loud your speaker can get and still have great sound quality.

The size of a speaker is a very important factor in deciding what speakers you will purchase. You want to make sure that your speakers are going to fit within the confines of your car. For example, tweeters need to be rather small and need to fit properly so that the sound will flow properly in the car.

Enclosures " Woofers that are mounted in a free space will need special enclosures to make sure bass quality remains high.

There is more to speakers than meets the eye, or ears. Selecting the right kind can mean the difference between a ride that sings and one that falls flat.


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